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Owner List
Stud/Brood Book

Welcome to the Isle of Atroxi! Everything on this website is related to my adoptables for PonyIsland. They are called Atroxi, and this is where you can find out any and all information pertaining to them.

Atroxi are lion-like creatures, though they are much more peaceful. They do live in herds, usually consisting of family members. Atroxi grow through three life stages: baby, teen, and adult. And of course, Atroxi cannot die. Starting from a baby stage, Atroxi will take 14 days to reach the teen stage, and then 21 more days to reach the adult stage. Once they have become adults, they can breed and produce offspring, though only during their breeding season. Atroxi are born in kits, and a whole kit will age at the same time.

I know they're no fun, but just a few are needed to keep everything in order.
1; Atroxi are hand-drawn, scanned, and CG colored by me, Gethsemane. No one else. You are NOT allowed to edit my images in any way without my permission.
2; Atroxi from give-aways, contests, raffles, or any other non-custom Atroxi will come with a color and name pre-decided. These cannot be changed. That would defeat the point of a custom.
3; Lineart changes are not allowed, UNLESS otherwise stated for a custom Atroxi.
4; Once you purchase an Atroxi, there is no trading or selling without my permission/blessing. I usually won't have a problem with this, unless you're just trying to make money. Mostly I just want to keep the Owner's List up to date.
5; Atroxi cannot breed outside of breeding season, and they must be adults first. Atroxi made through breeding will have their color pre-determined by me based on the parent's colors, however the owner will be able to choose their own name.
6; Custom Atroxi, when offered, will be open to any and all changes.
7; Most important, Have Fun! Feel free to begin RPing with your Atroxi, bragging and showing them off, whatever! Just please provide a link back to me!

3.22.08; Working on the page! My goal is to present the Atroxi on the Intro Forum starting on Monday! *crosses fingers*

Owner List; This is pretty self-explanatory. This is a list of all the Atroxi out there and who owns them.
Stud/Brood Book; This is a listing of all males and females that are up for breeding. The Book will be available throughout the year, but breeding is still only available during breeding season.
Shop; This is where you will be able to purchase items that are available.
Calendar; This is where you can find out when breeding season occurs, when contests will be held, and when new cubs are going to be born!
Links; Obviously, links to and from the Isle of Atroxi. If you want your site listed there, let me know!